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20. Sepmteber 2014 – Stag Beetle Robotnik Show: Stefan Erhalder, Alice Hänsenberger, Zest [BS]

Der legendärere Hirschi Keller bietet einen Event der unvergesslichen Art. Er wird zu deinem persönlichen Tollhouse. Die zwei Gastgeber präsentieren dir einen phänomenalen Gastact und sind stolz darauf, einen der wenigen Auftritte, mit seiner ganz eigenen interpretation der elektronischen Musik, präsentieren zu dürfen. Musik zum Tanzen von Stefan Erhalder, Alice Hänsenberger und Zest (Techno, House).

Stefan Erhalder

Alice Hänsenberger


Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1518136848423186/

Erhalder vs Gert 3000 Acid Jam at SlackJackerz Radio Show / Roland Aira TR-8 and TB-3 w/ Ableton

Time to jack again – Gert 3000 and Erhalder checking out the new Roland Aira TR-8 and TB-3 at the SlackJackerz radio show on Channel K. A classic acid house jam at 125bpm.

The boxes deliver a pretty good basic sound, but some additional processing is required to match todays standards. Fortunately you can use the multi channel audio via usb interface on the TR-8 to add additional processing to the drum sound. I did this with ableton live, to add some vintage love with NIs supercharger GT. The TB-3 has 2 relatively authentic sounding sounds (A1+A2) – these sounds deliver the classic TB modelled waveforms.

Live PA 2014 at Albani Music Club

Erhalder Live PA recorded at Albani Music Club, Winterthur, April 11, 2014.

01 Erhalder – Bad Boy Bieber
02 Erhalder – Polished
03 Erhalder – Pacman (Erhalder’s Jazzy Jack Edit)
04 Erhalder – Bridge Beats
05 Erhalder – No sweat no Jack (Sweat Check Edit)
07 Erhalder – Hamburger (Jimmy’s Oldschool Edit feat @NenadJ’s 2nd Hand)
08 Erhalder – Kleen and Hailey (Latin Acid Edit)
09 Erhalder – Tourist Beta (feat. @NenadJ’s 2nd Hand)
10 Erhalder – First Action Hero (8bit Gamer Edit)
11 Erhalder – Lumberjack
12 Erhalder – Slippery Acid
13 Erhalder – Image File Formats
14 Erhalder – Cap Tan Hook (Hardcore is the Future Edit)
15 Erhalder – The Human Check Point
16 Erhalder – Tibet 4
17 Bombilla – Quickpack (Erhalder Remix)

Microbrute – a nasty little synth – welcome to the studio

The Arturia Microbrute is the newest addition to my studio. Altough software is my main tool of choice for composing tracks since 1996, I really like what’s going on on the hardware front nowadays. I couldn’t resist this little french analog synthesizer developped by Arturia. Here’s a short electro jam using the Microbrute for all synth parts.

SlackJackerz Podcast 17 mixed by Erhalder

I was playing some of my all time favourites mixed with news at the latest SlackJackerz radio show on local FM station Kanal K, Studio 1.

Neil Landstrumm – Down On The A (Original Mix) on Tresor
Spiraltone – Plugged (Original Mix)
Blake Baxter – Sexuality (Original Mix) on Red Zone
Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Acid Edit) on Warp
Cristian Vogel – Turn On, Tune In, Drown Out on NovaMute
Dopplereffekt – Myon-Neutrinio
Angel Alanis, Jason Shelton – Wrong Is Acid (Original Mix)
Turbo Turbo – Jack Your House (Kaptain Cadillac Remix)
Angel Alanis, Maria Goetz – Vilify (Angel Alanis & Maria Goetz Edit)
Virulent and Maria Goetz – Xactic (Virulent Remix)
Matt Whitehead – A Is For Acid (Perc Redux)
Elektrochemie LK – Schall (Original Mix)
Matt Whitehead – Raw Deal (Original Mix)
Neil Landstrumm – Vectrex (Original Mix) on Tresor
Perc – Dumpster (Original Mix)


Top 10 VST Plugins 2013 – My most often used tools

Here are my most often used #VST #plugins from 2013. It’s not about the hottest new plugins from last year, rather a round up of the ones I really like.

1. TAL (Togu Audio Line) U-NO-LX V2


Roland Juno 60/106 emulation. This one is so easy to use and sounds gorgeous. I love the GUI, looks like a rack Juno 106. Not the most versatile plugin compared to Massive/Sylenth and the like, but perfect fot that authentic vintage sound when you’re after it. My most used synth in 2013 by far.
TAL Website

2. Audio Realism Bassline ABL2

Audio Realism Bassline (ABL2)
My Roland TB-303 emulation of choice. Oldie but goldie.
Sample track using ABL2:

Audio Realism Bassline 2 Website

3. Sonic Charge Permut8

Sonic Charge Permut8 Screenshot

Modulation effect. From simple delay effects to bit crusher and distortion to speech emulation. This one is a real monster processor for geeks.
Sonic Charge Permut8 Website

4. D16 Group Sigmund

D16 Group Sigmund
Boss looking delay effect with superb sounding distortion. Good presets on board, you gotta try this one. Even if you don’t use any delay effects, it’s a pleasure to watch the oldschool VU meter swing its needles.
D16 Group Sigmund Website

5. Native Instruments Driver

Native Instruments Driver
Turbocharged Distortion Filter. This was a x-mas freebie 2012. Can go pretty crazy with high resonance levels.
Native Driver Website

6. D16 Group Decimort

D16 Group Decimort

High quality bit crusher and distortion / filter unit. Been using it since years, always a safe bet on any channel that sounds to sterile and hifi or lacking a bit of dirt.
D16 Group Decimort Website

7. D16 Group Toraverb

D16 Group Toraverb

A space modulated reverb. Forget about natural impulse response reverbs for electro music. What I usually need is an artificial sounding algorithmic verb, and cool looking of course, just like the Toraverb.
D16 Group Toraverb Website

8. Ableton Live Impulse

Ableton Live Impulse

Not a real plugin but a true workhorse. Been using it for drums / effects / basslines in Ableton since day one and it’s still my most often used drum sampler in Live. Much quicker results than fiddling around with drum racks or the bloated Battery plugin (nothing against Battery, it’s just too slow to work with compared to Impulse) and has a crispy sound and quick lfo mod built in.

9. Ohmforce Hematohm

Ohmforce Hematohm

A frequency shifter with envelope follower and delay. Quite old – but still delivers very unique effects.
Ohmforce Hematohm Website

10. Blue Cat DP Meter Pro

Blue Cat Audio DP Meter Pro

This one doesn’t make any sound at all, but I’m using it in all my Live sets to generate MIDI output for live visual feedback of the channel peak. The ability to generate MIDI CC data from a channels audio signal is pretty unique and that’s exactly what I use this plugin for. I’m gonna post a video what it looks like in action soonish.
Blue Cat Audio DP Meter Pro Website


There are hundreds of new plugins released every year. As much as I love checking out new stuff, there are only a few that stay in the virtual shelf for longer periods of time.